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At Solar-D Derma-Tech, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. From our ground-breaking Vitamin D SPF Technology, to our modern and adaptive partnership models, through to our cutting-edge and progressive product development, we are revolutionising SPF skincare through leading innovation.

Activated Vitamin D SPF Technology

Solar D’s patented Vitamin D SPF Technology has been formulated to let through more of the UVB light that our bodies use to naturally produce Vitamin D whilst offering broad spectrum SPF protection.

Using standard SPF ingredients, Solar D Technology is:

✔ Compliant with FDA, TGA & ISO standards
✔ Free from Parabens & PABA
✔ Free from oils and fragrances
✔ Complies with the Hawaii Reef Safe Bill
✔ Comes in SPF15, SPF30 and SPF50
✔ 2 hour water resistant
✔ Can be used in sunscreens, face creams, moisturizers, whitening creams, lip balm and many other SPF cosmetic products

Innovation in Sunscreen.

Innovation in SPF Technology has remained unchanged for over 70 years … until NOW.


The first sunscreen was invented by chemist Franz Greiter.


The first mass use of Sunscreen for the US military in the South Pacific.


The Start of SPF protection.


Introduction of water-resistant sunscreens.


The first UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum SPF.


World’s first Vitamin D SPF technology.

A deep commitment to research

Peer Review Research Article and Studies

Peer Review Study; New Approach to Develop Optimized Sunscreens that Enable Cutaneous Vitamin D Formation with Minimal Erythema Risk.

Sunscreens protect the skin against erythemal radiation. But at the same time they reduce the effective radiation dose responsible for the formation of previtamin D in the skin.

Solar D was designed with compounds with differing filter compositions to maximize previtamin D3 production while maintaining its sun protection for reducing erythema. Therefore we have proof of principal that a sunscreen can be produced for optimizing previtamin D3 production while retaining its sun protection factor for reducing erythema. Read more.

Laboratory Commissioned Study on the Effects of UVB Light and Vitamin D Production using Solar D Technology.

Laboratory testing commissioned by Nexdius Limited and commissioned by the TGA & FDA demonstrates that the Solar D Technology allow the transmission of higher levels of UVB radiation than ‘regular’ sunscreens of equivalent – or even lower – sun protection factor.

Solar D Technology is specifically formulated in order to permit increased transmittance of some of the UV radiation between 290-300nm (UVB), while maintaining very high levels of absorption of UV radiation outside of that range whilst satisfying the requirements for broad spectrum SPF. Read more

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