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New Sunscreen Protects Against Skin Cancer, Allows Body To Produce Vitamin D

BOSTON (CBS) – Many people are getting the message loud and clear. That sunscreen helps protect you against skin cancer. But some experts say all that sunscreen is creating another problem.

“That is the major cause for the vitamin D epidemic worldwide,” says Dr. Michael F. Holick, an endocrinologist at the BU School of Medicine.

“Sunscreen absorbs ultraviolet light and ultraviolet light makes vitamin D in your skin, and if you put a sunscreen on with an SPF of 30 and it absorbs about 97-98% of the UV light, it will reduce the ability to make vitamin D in your skin by 97-98%,” says Dr. Willett.

That can lead to a host of problems including rickets, osteoporosis, diabetes, and memory loss. Read more here.

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