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Solar D Makes Top 10 of L’Oreal Innovation Runway 2020

For the 4th year running, L’Oreal Innovation Runway 2020 is calling for startups from the many fields of deep tech and various industries to shape the future of beauty together. Let’s co-create revolutionary solutions that are scalable, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly to transform the industry! The challenge from

Sunscreen – To Use or Not To Use, That is the Question

As a health conscious individual or parent, all you hear from your doctor is – sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! But is it that black or white? Will not using sunscreen shorten your lifespan or lengthen it? Listen to GrassrootsHealth researcher, Dr. Edward Gorham, Ph.D., explain why

The Great Sunscreen Debate: Vitamin D vs. Skin Cancer

People are told to put on sunscreen to help protect against sunburn and skin cancer. But by doing so, are they depriving themselves of necessary vitamin D? A clinical review in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association shows that nearly 1 billion people around

The smart sunscreen with built-in health benefits

The CEO of Solar D hopes that all sunscreens in the future will feature the vitamin D boosting-technology that’s currently exclusive to his brand. “When the first water-resistant sunscreen came out, there was only one but within three years virtually every sunscreen was water resistant,”